About Connect Partners

“Deliver value, every single time.”

The sentence above was spoken long ago by one of our earliest and most valued clients.  It was his reply when asked how Connect Partners could exceed his expectations as a technology consultant.  It is only five words but it was humbling to realize how rarely professional firms achieve this.  To us it means a goal of enriching our clients with every interaction, at every touchpoint, not just at the end of a project.  It’s our philosophy to include value delivery at every step of the process, from initial contact all the way through every engagement.  We aspire to be easy to work with, great listeners, and valuable contributors to your success.



As a business and technology leader, you know what it means to juggle changing priorities, to anticipate and satisfy the demands of users, customers and stakeholders, around the clock, at a breakneck pace. You’re called upon to:


• Set strategy and vision;
• Execute with energy and precision, and achieve desired business outcomes;
• Manage vendors and costs, and align everyone to similar goals;
• Maintain uninterrupted operations and high service levels;
• Keep on top of new technologies, processes and best practices to keep your company competitive and effective.

Helping you achieve these goals is where we come in.  From our people, to our practices, to our delivery methods, Connect Partners was designed to help you achieve every one of these goals, quickly and cost-effectively.


Our professionals have considerable experience, but more importantly, their roots in corporate IT departments and business units enable them to quickly grasp and understand the challenges you might ask us to help you with.  They have been awakened by an outage in the middle of the night.  They have negotiated with hardware vendors and worked with procurement to structure large deals.  Whatever shoes you wear, they’ve likely walked a few miles in them.


We are equally prepared to take on the tough challenges on your behalf, or to coach and show you how to do them on your own.  Our clients tell us that these ingredients makes us very easy to work with, that we’re great listeners, and that we often understand what it is that they want in a way no other IT solutions firm can match.


It would be our privilege to put our experience, knowledge and skills to work for you.

  • Affordable

  • Experienced

  • Trustworthy

  • User Friendly

  • On-Call Support