Connect Partners | Careers
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We are seeking talented individuals to join our team. Become part of the team creating some of the software industry’s most innovative enterprise solutions and working with leading-edge technologies like Microsoft Dynamics, Ajax and SOA.


Connect Partners is small enough to give you freedom and power, but also big enough to provide you the opportunity to work with industry leading, technology innovating customers.


If you’d like to be part of an energetic and forward-thinking company that is committed to taking enterprises to new frontiers of productivity and effectiveness using next-generation enterprise solutions, Connect Partners is the place for you!


We are currently hiring for the following positions. Interested candidates should send a resume and brief personal statement to Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out and introduce yourself.


Sales Engineer

Northeast US, Southeast US, Western US, and Washington DC Area


Inside Sales Specialist

Washington DC Area


Commercial Account Executive

Northeast US, Southeast US, and Western US


Implementation Consultant

Northeast US, Southeast US, and Western US


Call Today 410-774-1000