Data Center Consolidation and Relocation

Whether you are planning to consolidate data centers or expand into the cloud, our methodologies help develop requirements and define your optimal build strategy. As a long-time provider of mission-critical consolidation and relocation services to the federal government, we excel in understanding and delivering mission-critical moves for the most demanding timeframes. Connect Partners has relocated over 150,000 servers, storage, and network devices for federal, commercial, and non-profit customers around the globe with zero missed migration windows. Services we provide include:


Consulting – Discover, analyze, migrate, and execute with integrated highly skilled technical project management professionals


– Data Center Consolidation Strategies – Minimize the cost of data center operations and overall total cost of ownership (TCO)
– Data Center Migration – Leverage Connect Partners proprietary software, well-practiced methods, and 100% success rate for mission-critical moves
– Building – Design, construct, and outfit a new data center facility with Connect Partners focus on people, process, and technology
– Decommissioning – Leverage the same skill set to return data center space to its prior state while extracting maximum value from decommissioned assets