Connect Partners | Disaster Recovery Made Simple
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Disaster Recovery Made Simple

A Different Approach to Technology Risk Management

Managing risk with Disaster Recovery is no longer an expensive, hard to justify luxury. Sought after  investments create long-term value and an easy-to-see balance between cost, effort and benefits. This belief sums up our simple approach to every project:


Understanding What Needs Protection

Your first step in understanding what needs protection will be to determine the investment that will provide the biggest bang-for-the-buck for recovery and business continuity, including higher and lower options. Next, we will work together to define a roadmap and implementation process while anticipating and avoiding the most common roadblocks.


Our enterprise-proven Disaster Recovery Roadmap breaks down the complexity of Disaster and Technology Recovery planning. Connect Partners has helped hundreds of organizations address the real risks facing their organizations. By knowing where many initiatives have failed or lost support in the past, we are able to provide your business with an affordable and valuable plan. That is the definition of a sound investment.


Choose Protection That’s Right For Your Business

Connect Partners works to address the following operational obstacles during implementation and avoid issues that slow down the process through identifying key areas.


  • Identifying risks and threats to business operations with estimated cost for potential outages
  • Analyzing current state of preparedness & performance against industry standards and peer/best practices
  • Evaluation of your business operations and IT service management teams relative to exposures, needs, options and tolerance for risk
  • Benchmarking your operations and IT Services risk management against industry peers
  • Projecting cost and development time for an appropriate level of Technology Recovery plan customized for your environment and infrastructure profile
  • Providing an executive-level presentation of all findings, with in-person support and explanation by our experts
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