IT Service Management

Give Users What They Want, When They Need It – Is ITSM Doing Enough For You?


Rethink Your Approach To ITSM

IT organizations want to deliver innovative business solutions, not spend time looking after infrastructure. Business users want services to be just as convenient as the ones they use in their personal lives. Transform IT service relationships by changing the business experience. Our service management expertise spans the full range of capabilities needed to deploy enterprise-level mobile, social, and collaborative ITSM environments.   We support our clients through the basic transition and operations processes like request, incident, change, release, knowledge, and problem management, as well as with the processes that have traditionally been considered more difficult to implement like capacity management, demand management, service level management, and availability management.


The Core of ITSM – Simplified

Many experts consider configuration management and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to be the core of good service management.  At the heart of configuration management is the service. Most people focus on “controlling configuration items” when it comes to the process. We believe that the true value of the process is in enabling the CMDB to be an effective supporter of the service.


We have developed extensive methods and tools that help managers simplify the creation and administration of this critical element.  An effective CMDB can help you build your services, understand them, explain them to your customers, and even improve them.  A CMDB can go through levels of maturity based on your IT department’s level of maturity. Our approach is to match the strategic goals of your IT with your CMDB to enable those goals.  Keeping the CMDB simple from start to finish ensures its accuracy and value to the organization for the long run.