Technology Business Management

Run IT Like A Business – Aligned, Accountable and Achieving



A decade ago, the typical CIO was concerned mostly with IT infrastructure and software.  Today’s CIO has a very unique opportunity to lead and enable the very fabric of their business through a changing technology landscape.  Forces like consumerization, mobility, SaaS and cloud computing are shifting decision authority and accountability closer to the line-of-business.  However, there is an unprecedented need for technology-business leadership, for a team of technology leaders who can balance operations, execution and investment in emerging technologies, while delivering proven value to business areas, positively impacting the company’s financial performance.


We help you build and run your IT department like the business that it is – delivering the services your users and customers  want and demand, built around the core principles of ongoing innovation and agility to respond to business and technology changes, all within a financially transparent and cost optimized operating model.


Align Your IT Strategy to Where Your Business Is Headed

Our success methods are built around the five main pillars in a successful implementation program:

  1. Develop IT strategies tied directly to your company’s business and strategic goals. (Examples: Growth in Earnings-per-share, increase market share, transform operational process, etc.)
  2. Create an IT governance model that closely involving top business leaders in planning and aligning IT initiatives with company priorities.
  3. Build a service-defined approach that allows internal customers to better meet their business needs by choosing from a portfolio of products and service levels, providing transparency on costs and investments.
  4. Prove consistent value by establishing and tracking key metrics, allocating where delivered business value is high, and scaling back where it is not.
  5. Stay close to customers through regular communication.


Qualified To Help You Succeed

Whether you’re a business stakeholder trying to get IT aligned, or an IT leader trying to improve the impact of technology within your company, we understand the unique perspectives of both identities.  We help you meet and overcome the challenges you’re facing, and we listen effectively to understand and communicate your specific goals.


We have equal an amount of experience working on the IT and Business sides of numerous organizations.  We know what Business expects from IT and vice versa.  We also know what each group sometimes does to let the other down, and how to keep those things from happening.


We explain and translate complex technology topics into actionable tasks and initiatives.   We ensure your IT projects and resources have the right metrics that are aligned with business outcomes, so that every action inside IT is bringing you closer to your goals.

We are experienced, motivated and committed toward helping you achieve highly visible business goals that impact key performance metrics like EBIT profitability and OpEx reduction.