Connect Partners | Application Rationalization
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Application Rationalization

Ready to gain control of your application portfolio? Application rationalization is the first step in creating the framework in deciding which applications can be retired, consolidated or migrated to the cloud and can help in addressing the growing challenge of application sprawl.


The last major application portfolio event happened prior to Y2K and unfortunately, many applications have gone largely unmanaged since. As a result, application portfolio diversity, duplicity and the non-stop addition of new applications to the IT landscape has generated an overwhelming need for patching, upgrades, support and license maintenance for both IT and application owners alike.


An implemented and established rationalization approach will help to reduce application portfolio lifecycle management, costs, and risk on an ongoing basis by allowing your organization to identify unused, redundant, and out-of-date applications. Your application portfolio will be able to be trimmed down through elimination, consolidation, and modernization. Decreasing the number of applications helps reduce the scope and cost of testing and remediating applications during migration.

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