Connect Partners | Technology Business Management
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Technology Business Management

CIO’s today have the unique opportunity of influencing the direction of a company’s changing technological landscape. Also, social forces like consumerization, mobility, SaaS, and cloud computing redistributes decision-making and accountability closer to the specific lines of business.


Now, more than ever before, the need for business-driven IT strategies via organizational leadership must balance daily operations, execute project phases, and invest in innovative technologies that advance value and financial performance.


Connect Partners defines five pillars of a successful methodology and alignment IT strategy. The primary elements of the procedure include:


  • Develop: We develop customized IT strategies based on business function and goals.
  • Create: We create an IT governance model that align IT initiatives and business objectives.
  • Build: Using a service-defined network, we will enable internal customers to benefit from self-help options that enhance business practices. The access to a portfolio with product and services levels will clarify costs and investments.
  • Proven: Our business model is built on providing value through the establishment of key marketing metrics, allocation of delivered worth, and scaling when necessary.
  • Communication: Connect Partners maintains a clear channel of communication to explain, translate, and define technological strategies into actionable initiatives and tasks.


Connect Partners delivers the services that your workforce and customers desire. We provide a cost-effective operational model that blends core principles with innovative IT technology responding directly to multi-directional market changes.


Contact us or call 410-774-1000 to speak with our experts.