Connect Partners | Application Rationalization
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Application Rationalization

For IT professionals, continuous and automated updates can create an unhealthy environment leading to the malfunction of your system applications, which diminish user experiences. It is vital to perform an application rationalization to avoid an application sprawl. With the ever-evolving field of technology, it is often difficult for companies to keep up with software application changes, duplications, and updates. Establishing a plan for application rationalization will ensure your company maintains a high standard for portfolio management. The goal of Connect Partners is to work directly with our clients to maximize the potential of application portfolio management (APM). Through application rationalization, we create the framework to align, consolidate, and migrate applications while retiring those no longer in use. Application containment minimizes IT costs while maximizing efficiency which will have a dramatic effect on revenue and growth. As the health of your IT infrastructure improves, the more proficient your workforce becomes thus increasing both productivity and company morale.


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