Connect Partners | Application Center
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Application Center

Connect Partners has successfully relocated more than 150,000 servers, storage, and network devices for commercial businesses, non-profit agencies, and the federal government. We proudly stand behind our record of zero missed migration windows.

We also take pride in how our business model methodologies help global companies develop requirements and define the conditions for optimal build strategies. As a recognized leader in mission-critical consolidation and relocation services, we aim to surpass delivery expectations.


Services that are available from Connect Partners include:


  • Consultation: Diagnosis, Analysis, Migration, and Execution
  • Consolidation: Minimal cost of application operations and Total Cost Ownership (TCO)
  • Migration: Leverage of Connect Partners proprietary software, strategic use of methodologies, and 100% success rate of business-critical application movement
  • Construction: Designing and equipping new application facilities with a focus on people, process, and technology
  • Decommissioning: Provide identical skill sets to return application space to its original state while extracting maximum value from the decommissioned assets.


Contact us or call 410-774-1000 to discuss your migration requirements