Connect Partners | Business Continuity
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Business Continuity

Taking proactive action is a much more effective business continuity strategy than reacting to the disruption of operations which include:


  • Power Failures
  • Natural Disasters
  • Network Outages
  • Cyber Security Disruptors
  • Malware Intrusion
  • IT Downtime


Lost revenue from an unplanned disruption can place a severe and substantial financial burden on companies. To calculate the risks, you will need to consider four primary concerns.


  • Will there be a cost for B2B and B2C reputation management?
  • How much business and revenue will be lost? What is the cost to the business for losing 1 or all clients?
  • Will there be legal repercussions from the disruption?
  • How will future business prospects react when they learn of previous service disruption?


A Business Continuity Plan is a vital component of your business process and productivity, which will require an assessment of your current IT maturity level. Connect Partners will design an appropriate plan based on your business’s policy requirements and specifications.


Connect Partners will meticulously identify and organize business functions, available resources, and current assets into a workable plan with realistic expectations and goals regardless of internal conflicts, departmental preferences, or administrative changes.



Contact us for more information on Business Continuity at 410-774-1000.