Connect Partners | Disaster Recovery
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) relates to the tools, policies, and risk management procedures that enable the continuation of business function during events which disrupt critical services. Investing in long-term solutions will reduce overall costs while providing all the necessary functions required in keeping your business operational.


Connect Partners will analyze your business protection requirements and determine an investment strategy that will provide the most advantages for workplace process continuity. We will provide you with a Disaster Recovery Roadmap defined in the planning stage, which includes the complexities of technology recovery and risk assessment. Understanding your prior disaster recovery initiatives, Connect Partners will develop an extensive, functioning, and value-driven plan.


Our definition of a sound investment is a protection plan that fits the needs of your business. During the implementation process, Connect Partners will gather data and address operational obstacles that prevent diminished capacity and functionality.


Connect Partners will:


  • Identify risk and operational threats including estimated outage costs.
  • Analyze performance standards against leading brands and practices.
  • Evaluate business operations and ITSM teams for exposures, necessities, options, and tolerance level to risk.
  • Prepare benchmarks for operations and IT risk service management against industry competitors.
  • Provide cost and development time for a customized technology recovery plan.



Contact us or call us today 410-774-1000to speak with our experts.