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Whether you're in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or aerospace industries, Connect Partners has worked in your industry to address the need and execution of tabletop exercises and comprised a small list of scenarios they'd be used in
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Tabletop Scenarios

Tabletop Scenarios

We stress the importance of tabletop scenarios as they directly affect your business in the most critical scenarios and times.

Are you contemplating conducting a disaster recovery test or tabletop exercise? If you are looking for new or creative ways to make your test more realistic, below is a list of ideas that Connect Partners has previously used with other clients.

Loss of a critical application

  • Hardware failure in your exchange environment
  • Financial application failure
  • Complete network failure in your data center
  • Loss of power to your data center
  • Critical switch or SAN failure

Loss of key staff 

  • Plane Crash with critical personnel on board
  • Virus wipes out key staff
  • Major transit route issue prevents staff from getting to office
  • Strike or employee disruption event
  • Protest prevents employees from getting to work
  • Loss of Key Data Scenarios

Plane crash with critical data on board

  • Corruption of data in production environment
  • Disgruntled employee deletes/destroys key systems
  • Core system failure without spare parts
  • Loss of Key Infrastructure

Building fires

  • Transfer switch explosion
  • Fire in the data center
  • Truck crashes into the building

While there are many other scenarios that could affect your business, Connect Partners is available to help determine a strategy that will best address your company’s needs. We service many industries on various levels and would be happy to begin the discussion on how tabletop exercises fit in your company’s future. Give us a call or send us an email today!

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