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Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop Exercises

When it comes to being ready for an outage or natural disaster, you want to make sure your
business operations won’t be interrupted.
Imagine a Monday morning near the close of an important quarter. Your sales team is about to
meet their sales goal when they realize their email system is down. They ask their colleagues.
Also not working. A call is made to the help desk and the steps taken to determine the cause of
issue begins.
Within a few minutes you technical team determines that there is a catastrophic failure with your
email system.Are you prepared for failure? Do you have a documented process and procedure
for what to do when your email system fails? Have you exercised your disaster recovery plan?A
quick simple straightforward way to determine if your team is ready for catastrophic failure is to
perform what’s known as a tabletop exercise (TTX)
Connect Partners works with your team to sit down and understand each player’s role before an
outage occurs. By performing tabletop exercises, you’ll have an established path of how to
handle any scenario that could take you offline and have a negatively impact your business.
During these exercises, we’ll first pick a detailed scenario removing any vagueness in your goal
in order to be as specific as possible. You’ll want to make sure your objectives are simple,
measurable, achievable, realistic and task-oriented as well as which key players need to be
involved. Next, Connect Partners will host your team through the scenario and determine which
areas need to be addressed further.
After the exercise is complete, Connect Partners will provide you with a detailed action plan and
results from the Tabletop exercise. Remember this is not a test of who failed to do what, it’s a
test of your processes and procedures and how well your team is prepared for outage or
catastrophic event.
When planned correctly, these exercises only take a few hours to complete. Giving you and
your team the confidence that when, not if, but when your email system fails at the end of the
big sales quarter your technology team is ready to go to implement a plan that has been tested
and validated.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today.

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