Connect Partners | Top SolarWinds User Challenges and Solutions
Whether you are a small or large organization, your entire corporation is reliant on network devices, servers, and useful applications.
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Top SolarWinds User Challenges and Solutions

Top SolarWinds User Challenges and Solutions

Storage strategies are one of the most significant challenges when it comes to organizations who turn to partners like Connect Partners for a definitive solution to IT issues. Because technology is forever evolving, you need a platform that will grow with your company. Careful consideration and insight are critical when choosing the right infrastructure monitoring tools.

Top Storage Challenges When Purchasing SolarWinds Storage Resource Manager:

1. Capacity Planning and Forecasting

Organizations depend heavily on network infrastructures which is why it is vital to understand your network’s challenges as well as the most beneficial solution so that your IT team has the tools they need to ensure performance and availability.

Capacity planning and forecasting determine the parameters needed to meet the demands of an IT infrastructure which include storage, hardware, software, and secondary resources required for short and long-term requirements.

2. Understanding Storage Performance Bottlenecks

Storage performance bottlenecks are most commonly found in the disk drives, front-end ports, and the controllers. If you have difficulties with storage performance bottlenecks, SolarWinds software provides a number of tools that will identify them.

 3. Multi-Vendor Alerts and Reporting

SolarWinds research found that half of IT downtime was because of hardware failures. Just how much damage does that incur? Research shows that on average it costs $300,000 per hour during downtime and system outage interruptions.

Productivity is also a common factor to consider. According to research by UC Irvine, it takes about 23 minutes for employees to regain their focus after downtime occurs.

4. Storage Performance Interaction of VM And Applications

With the introduction of single server multi-tenancy, more focus was put on legacy storage and system speeds. , Virtualualization and application interaction require specially trained IT personnel. SolarWinds provides comprehensive tools to oversee the need for greater storage capacity.

SolarWinds users:

  • Were able to resolve storage issues 60% faster than competitors.
  • VMAN reduced troubleshooting virtualization performance time by 65%.
  • VMAN reduced downtime by 59%.
  • 84% of SolarWinds users experienced ROI three months after deploying VMAN.
  • 70% of Server & Application Monitor Customers experienced ROI in six months.
  • Since deploying SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, 37% of customers said they saved between $20,000 and $50,000. Another 32% saved between $50,000 and $100K.

What Are Your Company’s Greatest Challenges?

  1. Scalability?
  2. Accessibility?
  3. Performance?
  4. Network Disruptions?

Whether you are a small or large organization, your entire corporation is reliant on network devices, servers, and useful applications. You need the expertise of personnel who have the skills to overcome administrative and network duties while also fixing issues that cause disruptions.

It is also vital that you know when you need to deploySolarWinds technology. Our seven-step methodology audits, analyzes, designs, deploys, adopts, trains, and develops customer reporting so that your daily operations run smoother and without disruption.

Do you need Connect Partners’ expertise in security, monitoring, deployment, management of networks, applications, and IT infrastructures? If you would like more information, please call

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